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Changing It Up

Happy New Year! It may not look like much has changed since I last posted, but behind the scenes I have been pretty busy. One of the big things I did was move Adventures in Play to a new hosting company. It wasn’t quite as simple as clicking a button to backup then restore. After my domain moved, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my blog transferred after a few failed attempts to migrate my WordPress site, but it all came together yesterday and now I can focus on my much neglected blog. Yes, I have high hopes to continue blogging into 2015 with posts that are sure to grab your attention by providing you with invaluable tech tips and other useful tidbits. I’m grasping here but I am sure it will be worthy of your attention at some point (if you are bored of playing YouTube videos or games on your phone—does that ever get old?)

Well, I hope you had a good start to the new year. Now, I need to go and make some late New Year’s resolutions… Resolution sounds monumental, like enacting a law. Maybe we should call them New Year’s Goals or the Big To-Dos.

Oh, I almost left without posting an image. I just spent an hour creating a new favicon for my website and you might have missed since it is so small.

New favicon  for Adventures in Play

Adventures in Play favicon – Actual image is 32x smaller.