The New iCloud is Coming!

If you haven’t heard, Apple is updating its iCloud service, providing a better integrated cloud experience for all your iDevices at a price that won’t bust your budget.

The main feature of the new iCloud service that I am super excited about is Family Sharing. Now, up to six members of your family can share their App Store purchases, iTunes, iBooks, family photos, calendars, etc. This will save you money in the long run because now you don’t have to buy multiple copies of your favourite apps (like 1Password) to share in the fun. Although a lot of apps today are free-ish, some still cost over $15, a fee I don’t care to pay more than once.

The other reason that I am excited about this announcement is the reduced cost of online storage. Now, you can afford to backup all of our Mac data to the cloud and if you are like me, you have a lot of data. No worries, now Apple has provided all the space you need at a reasonable price. Gone are the annual fees where you had to guess how much space you would need for the year ahead. Now, you can upgrade or downgrade month to month. If you decide that you don’t need 500 GB of space, you can drop down to the 200 GB level.

You might be a little concerned about storing all of your private data in the cloud, especially with the recent stories of hackers breaking into Apple’s beloved iCloud, but Apple has investigated the issue and apparently shored up their security. I understand that part of the issue is weak passwords. Perhaps the lesson here is to make sure that your all of your online accounts have strong passwords. Hey, another reason to use a terrific app like 1Password to auto-generate some unguessable passwords for you! (Really, I don’t work for AgileBits but I think 1Password does deserve high praise).

Space Monthly Cost
20GB $0.99/month
20GB $0.99/month
200GB $3.99/month
500GB $9.99/month
1TB $19.99/month


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6 thoughts on “The New iCloud is Coming!

  1. Paul Post author

    Yes, exactly! Now pictures don’t take up any space at all. They are up in some cloud somewhere, no longer cluttering up our hard drives or iDevices. Photos lighter than air.

    1. pfarnam

      Yes, photos are never truly save on those SD cards, so it is always a good idea to transfer them when you can. The transition to digital has certainly changed the way people interact and share their photos. There is something less intimate about those countless albums and photo events compared to a transitional album or even a box of photos–like a personal treasure. I keep meaning to get some of my photos printed but I never seem to get around to it. 🙂


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