Hark for the Holidays!

What is Hark?

Hark is a festive application for the Mac that makes counting down the days to your favorite holiday fun and exciting. Hark keeps you informed, so you never need to worry about getting caught unprepared for the holidays. Let Hark bring out the kid in you while you anticipate those special, joyful moments spent with family and friends. Whatever the occasion, I hope that Hark will bring a little extra joy and light into your life this holiday season.

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I dedicate this program to those unique, creative souls who have a hard time getting stuff done (myself included). One source of creative inspiration for me came from John M. Schilling’s X-Mas Tree app. I never knew John, but I think we could have been friends. For years I have enjoyed his fun and often hilarious apps: BelchXElectric Chicken, and Luna Saver are classics! To learn more, check out his blog: http://www.jschilling.net/

I Shipped My App!

This project represents the culmination of inspiration and dreams finally brought to life by the seemingly simple, yet evasive act of finishing. Special thanks to Jon Acuff for his practical guide to finishing in his aptly named book, “Finish.”

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff
Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done
by Jon Acuff
Link: http://a.co/afzjKH