Finishing Stuff is Hard

Maybe you don’t relate and finishing is just another part of your process, but if you are like me, finishing is hhhhard. But why? Why is it so hard to finish a project? They all start out with such promise, reasonably scoped, useful in nature, but then something happens along the way. Sometime after a few milestones are reached, suddenly the project is shone in a new and unflattering light. Something is missing. Is this what I really wanted to make? I think it needs a new feature or maybe I need to go back to the drawing board for a redesign. No one is going to find this useful in this state. It goes on…

At times like these I identify with Lt. Reginald Barclay…

Here is a picture on my yet to be named app. It allows you to load up pictures, alter the transparency and float these windows on your Mac desktop. There might be other features but I just can’t say where this is going.


I needed to step back but just for a breather. The problem is I am not sure exactly what the finished product should be. With all the Swift development I have been doing lately, I needed a break from Storyboards, View Controllers and delegation. My app just isn’t progressing and the harder I push, the harder it resists. So, on to my distraction. Just recently I’ve taken an interest in a product called Unity 3D. It’s a game creation tool very popular with the indie development community. With Unity a hobby developer like me can create multi-platform games with relative ease, all under a very liberal licensing program (basically if your app makes less than 100K US per year in revenue, it’s free). Beyond hearing the name getting passed around over the years, I knew very little about Unity, so I decided to start at the beginning. That’s when I found an amazing game development tutorial that was just what I needed to hear right about now. It’s like the folks at Unity heard my plight and decided to write some excellent tutorials on gett’ner done!

If you are having a difficult time completing your projects, I highly recommend watching these tutorials. The advice offered is applicable beyond general game development and even the Unity product.


Advice on finishing, releasing and marketing your games.


This week I am going to take some of this advice to heart and start scoping my project so I can complete it within one month. Next, I’ll set up some milestones and make sure I track my progress along the way. I might even post something here at Adventures in Play to record my journey.


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