Cocoa Programming in the Swift Era

After ordering a book from Chapters last Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to find Cocoa Programming for OS X, The Big Nerd Ranch Guide in my mailbox when I got home from work the following Monday! Shipping was free, so I was amazed it got to me so fast. 🙂


Cocoa Programming for OS X series, 5th Edition is the gold standard for anyone wanting to learn how to program for the Mac.

I just love little surprises like this! I am a big fan of Chapters and although I love going out to the retail stores to grab a cup of Starbucks and peruse the latest paperbacks, it is nice to know that when you want a programming title, you can have it quickly and at a super price to boot – 33% off! That’s saying something now that our Canadian dollar is so weak. Yay for Chapters Indigo!

The Mac platform has changed a lot over the years, not to mention all of the language evolutions with Swift, so I needed a little help to bridge the gap and I am sure glad I picked up this latest edition of Cocoa Programming for OS X. Unlike my typical approach of skipping around to the good stuff, I’ve decided to diligently work my way through every chapter and do all of the programming challenges. I am already on Chapter 7 – Working with Table Views (ugh- I must confess that using Table Views is not my favourite Cocoa feature, not because it isn’t awesome but I am just not a fan of working with UI controls for spreadsheets). For the past week, I have been spending my every spare moment reading, programming and puzzling over the many mysteries of the Cocoa framework. This is not my first crack at Cocoa and I have to say there is quite a bit to absorb; programming in Cocoa is hhhhard… but really fun too. At first I was a little disappointed that Apple made the decision to abandon Objective C for Swift. I spent a good many years learning how to program in that language and I feared Apple was moving away from the technologies that made it great. What I found was that Swift is a really great technology, a worthy successor to Objective C. Now that I have been using Swift for the past month, I find that I love writing code in Swift. It is clear, succinct and easy to understand. To be honest, Objective C never really clicked with me and I don’t think it is a coincidence that I am having an easier time of learning Cocoa now that I can program my Cocoa apps in Swift.

Initially, I planned to do a post about my Cocoa adventures, but I have been a little distracted with all of the studying, learning and well, life. I am excited to apply my new skills to an app. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Birthday Peady!  ???? ????

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