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Ending March Break on a High Note

Ol' School Donuts

Rumour had it that there was a bus with fresh, homemade donuts just off the Bedford Highway across from the Bedford United Church, so we had to go check it out. We packed up our little campers to scope out the scene. Sure enough, there was an “Ol’ School Donuts” bus waiting to take our requests.
Ol' School Donuts Bus

What a great way to finish off a super-fun March Break week!
Strawberries and Cream Donuts

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Let’s Talk Desktops

As you likely know this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Mac. I was inspired by Apple’s story and it got me thinking about desktops. At work I use a Macbook Pro and love it for the most part. However, at home I am platform agnostic. I mean my household runs the gamut of computer operating systems: two Windows 8.1 PCs, an ailing Macbook running Lion, a Mac mini running Mavericks and of course, my beloved Raspberry PI running Raspbian. There is even a decommissioned Mac mini (2006 model) waiting for a new pet project. Among them all, we have iPhones and a first generation iPad. But for me, the real work gets done on desktops–big keyboards and big screens. I am not a fan of laptops because I end up turning them into desktops by “anchoring” them with my own keyboard, mouse and monitors.  I am simply enamoured with desktops. I must be a dinosaur. Even my parents have replaced their Macbook with an iPad. But from my perspective the functionality of a full class desktop just isn’t on par with those mobile devices. The experience is somehow lost in the translation. For one thing, I never seem to get the swipe gesture just right on my iPhone. My fingers fumble to find the desired pixel-point position on those tiny screens. My other beef with the mobile devices is the shallow, limited nature of those prolific apps. Apps have given software a bad name. We have come to know them as mostly useless, something you install and forget about and later delete to make more room for newer apps.

None of that happens on my trusty desktop where the preferred method of interaction is purely key-based. The keyboard is king. I need all of those keys and I need to feel each and every one of them. Tactile feedback is so important to muscle memory. There is a reason why there are special little underscore marks on the G and J keys of your keyboard. It tells your fingers that they are in the home row position, ready to reach any other keys without a single glance. But desktops are more than just full sized keyboards or big monitors. These are the Frankenstein machines of the computing world. A device that you can get inside and make your own. Ever since I was a kid, I was always taking things apart and that desire has never completely left me. I have a need to get inside to figure out how it all works. If you don’t like your video performance, then augment that overworked integrated GPU with a mammoth video card. Don’t like that no-name mouse that came with your PC? Then buy a super-sensitive Razer mouse. But the customization doesn’t end there. There is no limit to what you can rig up to your desktop and that sort of customization is getting harder and harder to do with Macs. Adding a spare hard drive to my Mac Mini would void my warranty and require me to remove virtually every component from the machine. There are no such barriers on my monster rig.

My Monster Rig!

My Monster Rig!

Inside the Machine

It’s beautiful inside too!

Do you have a PC running in a dark corner of your basement? Perhaps you gave up the shackles of the desktop and now use a laptop. Maybe you use a mobile phone to do it all. Whatever the case, I would love to know what you are using at home for your everyday computing needs. I have created a special poll for this purpose. In addition to the poll, please feel free to leave a comment and share with me what you like or dislike about desktops.

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I have a blog again!

OK, so it’s not 2003 and blogging has sort of fallen out of favor to tweets, tumbles and instagrams, and but there is still something exciting about writing again. This time around I am doing things a little differently (that sounds eerily like a New Year’s resolution or a promise you make after reconnecting with a long lost friend).

For starters, this blog is really just for fun, a place to post about the stuff I find interesting. I have no grandiose plans to discuss the big issues or comment on the heady topics of the day. Nope, not for me. You see, I barely connect at all with social media. I probably send more emails than tweets. Maybe it’s because I am so wordy that Twitter has never captivated me, but whatever it is, I plan to tweet more in the future, ahem… someday. Anyway, blogging for fun sounds just about right. I hope you enjoy it.

Blog on!

PS- Peady, I hope this “inspires” you to write your first post. 😉