Blog Like It’s 2003

Is it too late to talk about 2016 like it’s still new? Maybe it is if you follow a strict routine and live clearly within the lines. From my perspective 2016 still has potential. I started blogging back in 2003 when blogging was a relatively new phenomena. It was about a decade after Wil Wheaton, but still early in the whole blog ecosystem. People were getting used to the Internet from the comfort of their desktops and couldn’t decide what to call it.. Is it a blog or a weblog? (to be followed years later by the great Tweet versus Twit debate) In those days, the iPhone and Android were yet to be invented, most people still had LAN phones, and Gmail did not exist.  Apple got in on the action and showcased the then new .Mac service which offered personal web hosting on the “Homepage”. Back then, I used a tool called iBlog (wow, it’s still around) to post my blogs. Sadly, my Homepage is long gone and my blogs are lost in time, but the idea of blogging still appeals to me. Today, blogging seems a bit antiquated and redundant having been replaced by the more succinct Twitter or the ever accessible Facebook. Professional bloggers care about SEO, driving traffic, and catchy media-rich posts. I’m in it just for the fun and I’m not all that concerned about my site stats. There are days when no one on the planet visits my blog. Statistically speaking, that is pretty amazing when you consider there are billions of people online. I’ve heard the criticism that people don’t have the time or patience to read anything longer than a sentence or two. Too bad, they should really slow down and savour my many meandering thoughts… I just spent about two hours discovering that my old website was somewhat preserved in the annals of the Archive Team whose motto is “We Are Going To Rescue Your Shit”. Cool, eh? I learned about an ancient file compression format called WARC- Web Archive. I downloaded my tarball and decompressed the WARC using these nifty Python ArchiveToolsI found my old MobileMe website and was even able to recover a lost video of my daughter’s piano recital! The Internet is a cool place. Here is a picture from my old webpage:


Well, back to Adventures in Play. Maybe I should rename this blog? Probably better if I just wrote something on a semi-regular basis. My blog feels like a really great book I bought a year ago that sits unread on my bookshelf, like a broken promise. No matter, I like it just the way it is. Adventures in Play just needs a little polish and a few more posts.

Until next time…

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