Monthly Archives: January 2014

I have a blog again!

OK, so it’s not 2003 and blogging has sort of fallen out of favor to tweets, tumbles and instagrams, and but there is still something exciting about writing again. This time around I am doing things a little differently (that sounds eerily like a New Year’s resolution or a promise you make after reconnecting with a long lost friend).

For starters, this blog is really just for fun, a place to post about the stuff I find interesting. I have no grandiose plans to discuss the big issues or comment on the heady topics of the day. Nope, not for me. You see, I barely connect at all with social media. I probably send more emails than tweets. Maybe it’s because I am so wordy that Twitter has never captivated me, but whatever it is, I plan to tweet more in the future, ahem… someday. Anyway, blogging for fun sounds just about right. I hope you enjoy it.

Blog on!

PS- Peady, I hope this “inspires” you to write your first post. 😉